Who Is Tasha Smith and Is She Lil Meech Mom? (2023)

Tasha Smith (born February 28, 1971; Age: 51 years old) is not Lil Meech’s mother. She is an American producer, director, and actress known for her great on-screen performances. Lil Meech’s mother is Latarra Eutsey, while his father is Demetrius Edward Flenory, also known as Big Meech.

Lil Meech is an American actor and rapper who rose to the spotlight for taking the role of his father in the American Crime television series, Black Mafia Family. In 2021, he was speculated to be the son of the American actress Tasha Smith after she directed some episodes of the Black Mafia Family show in which the singer was cast as his father, Big Meech.

Is Tasha Smith Lil Meech’s Mother?

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Tasha Smith is not Lil Meech’s mother. She is an American producer, director, and actress who has made a name for herself through her multifaceted entertainment career. The actress was speculated to be his mother in 2021 after she directed an episode of the Black Mafia Family show.

These speculations came up after he had gained a little fame as both an actor and the son of Big Meech, based on the fact that he has never been seen with his mother before his fame neither is she well-known. Nevertheless, this is not far from the truth, as the true identity of his mother was revealed to the public later on.

Who Is Lil Meech,The American Rapper?

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Lil Meech is an American rapper and actor known as the son of Big Meech (Demetrius Edward Flenory). He was born Demetrius Flenory Jr. on April 20, 2000, in Detroit, Michigan, the United States of America, to his father and his mother, Latarra Eutsey. Much is not known about his education, but he graduated from high school in 2018. It is not known if he enrolled in any college as there are no details to back it up.

In 2019, he kicked off his career as a rapper and started living up to the dream that he had been nurturing since he was 12 years old. He released a song titled Bad Habits, which was a tribute to his father. The song featured a 30-minute video of his chat with his father. Though he doesn’t have any skills as an actor, he was still cast in the Black Mafia Family show, taking the role of his father, Big Meech.

Despite the fact that it was his debut movie, he received lots of positive reviews from critics and then started bagging more movie roles. He further starred in the 2022 episode of the drama series Euphoria titled Trying To Get to Heaven Before They Close The Door. The actor starred as Syl in the movie Taurus and has produced some of the BMF series.

Who Are Lil Meech’s Parents?

Here are all that you need to know about Lil Meech’s parents:

What Is Lil Meech’s Mother’s Name?

Lil Meech’s mother’s name was revealed to be Latarra Eutsey. She was born on January 13, 1969, in the United States. The singer’s mother holds American nationality and is of Afro-American descent. Details of her parents and siblings have never been unveiled by any media source. There are also no details on her education, but based on her job, she should be quite educated.

She rose to the spotlight after dating the drug baron. Though how long they were together remained unknown, the two broke up at some point, and Latarra has kept a very low profile since then. According to a source, she worked with Delta Airlines as a flight attendant for over three decades. Based on her Twitter handle, which has been dormant since 2019, she works in a real estate agency.

Her relationship status has remained obscure since her separation from Big Meech. Despite keeping a low profile, she shares a close relationship with her son. The singer once revealed that he always pays his father a visit in prison in the company of his mother. She also uses his picture as a profile picture on her social media platforms.

Meet Lil Meech’s Father

Demetrius Edward Flenory, also known as Big Meech, is the singer’s father. He was born on June 21, 1986, in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States of America. He is of Afro-American race and holds American nationality. He graduated from a local high school, where he started his drug trafficking business.

In 1985, he co-founded the Black Mafia Family (BMF) with his brother, Terry Southwest T. Flenory, in Southwest Detroit. The BMF is a drug trafficking and money laundering operation that is made up of a music promotional agency, hip-hop magazine, and record label. By 2000, they started running cocaine distribution sales in the U.S. and sent their supplies to Ohio, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Missouri.

The BMF operated out of two hubs: one in Atlanta run by Big Meech, which saw to distribution, and the other in Los Angeles, handled by Terry, which saw to incoming shipments from their Mexican suppliers. According to sources, the Black Mafia Family Entertainment was established in the early 2000s to cover up the drug trafficking business.

Big Meech Is Currently Serving His Jail Sentence in Sheridan

In 2007, when Lil Meech was just 7 years old, his father pleaded guilty to charges of drug trafficking. In 2008, both Big Meech and his brother were sentenced to 30 years in prison. The drug kingpin is expected to complete his jail term in 2028. Terry’s sentence was reduced to six years in prison after he left to go under house arrest, where he is expected to complete his sentence.

Big Meech’s sentence could only be reduced by three years, but he could be granted compassionate release. His attorney, Wade, revealed that his client might be released sooner following his charity work while in prison. Despite being in prison, the singer and his father have a good relationship. According to a source, the two often speak to each other through phone calls on a daily basis.

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The Singer’s Parents are Not Married to Each Other

Latarra Eutsey worked for Big Meech’s music entertainment before she came to the spotlight for being in a relationship with him around 1999. Barely a year after they started dating, they welcome Lil Meech. The duo separated after dating for some time for unknown reasons. However, she has remained his baby mama as they never tied the knot legally.

Big Meech is Also a Father to Two Other Children

Asides from being the father of the popular actor cum rapper, Big Meech also has two other children. The drug baron had been reportedly linked to other women in the past before he met with his baby mama, Latarra. Reports have it that Lil Meech is the drug baron’s last child.

Though Big Meech has tried to keep details of his past relationships and older children out of the media, the media still found a way to expose his little secrets. He was reportedly in a relationship with Lori Walker, with whom he welcomed a daughter named Neeka. Details of his other child and mother still remain outside of the media space.


Who is Tasha Smith to Lil Meech? ›

Tasha Smith is actually the director of 50 Cent's BMF, but apart from that, she has no other links to Lil Meech.

Who is Little Meech's mom? ›

His mother is called Latarra Eutsey, a real estate agent based in Florida, United States. How old is Latarra Eutsey? She is 53 years old as of 2022. Latara was born on 13 January 1969 in the United States of America.

Who is Demetrius Flenory birth mother? ›

Demetrius "Lil Meech" Flenory Jr. was born in Miami, Florida to Demetrius Flenory Sr. and Latarra Eutsey.

Who played Big Meech Mom in BMF? ›

Michole Briana White is an American actress. She portrays Lucille Flenory on the Starz original crime drama BMF.

Who is Tasha Smith husband? ›

How many kids do Tasha Smith have? ›

And even though she doesn't have any biological kids, Smith is a mother to her husband's five kids. She doesn't call them stepchildren, but “bonus kids.” And unlike her character Angela on For Better or Worse, she doesn't have any baby-mama drama.

Does Meech have a sister? ›

Nicole Flenory was born in 1974 in Dartmouth, Detroit, and is the younger sibling of Demetrius, aka Big Meech, and Terry, aka Southwest T.

Did Big Meech have a little brother? ›

The empire - known as the Black Mafia Family - was run by Demetrius Flenory, aka Big Meech, and his younger brother Terry Flenory, aka Southwest T.

Who is Kato Big Meech? ›

Catherine "Kato" Eda was a main character on the Starz original crime drama BMF. She was portrayed by Ajiona Alexus. A fierce and ambitious corner girl, Kato was the only women in Meech and Terry's crew. Both a brilliant and troubled young woman, the Flenory brothers were the first to treat Kato like family.

Who is Big Meech brother? ›

Demetrius Edward "Big Meech" Flenory (born June 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan) and his brother Terry P.O. Lee "Southwest T" Flenory (born January 10, 1970, in Detroit, Michigan) began selling $50 bags of cocaine on the streets of Detroit during their high school years in the late 1980s.

Who is Toni in BMF? ›

Tonesa “Toni” Welch, Southwest T's former longtime girlfriend and “First Lady” of the Black Mafia Family, is one of several queenpins who star in the upcoming BET true crime docu-series, American Gangster: Trap Queens.


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